Using muse lab on MacBook Pro 2017


Hi everyone

I’m in my early stage to do research with muse. Is that anyone here mind to show me a step by step how to use muse lab on a MacBook Pro 2017?Thanks in advance.

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Insan, I recommend MuseLSL with BlueMuse rather than MuseLab. Have a look on GitHub and you’ll see step by step instructions.


Hi Graeme

Thankyou for your advice. I will try it!


Hi Insan,

Actually BlueMuse only works on Windows 10, so it won’t be an option if you are running macOS. If you have an iOS device available, the best solution would be to use Muse Direct iOS to stream the data to your laptop. If that’s not an option, then I would suggest trying muse-lsl - keep in mind that you will need to use a BLED112 Bluetooth dongle in that case.

Once you have data streaming with either Muse Direct iOS or muse-lsl, you can use Muselab to visualize the data. There is a Youtube playlist that contains videos on how to install it on Windows (the steps will be very similar on macOS), how to receive data in Muselab and how to create a visualizer.

Hope that helps!



If have the earlier Muse headset and did my work mostly with the Mac OS X SDK with muse-io to stream the data via OSC. If you have the newer headset, this may not work.

I think it would be helpful to say what you are trying to do and the choice of tools will likely be more apparent.