Using Muse to control another device?



I am a student and I am interested to know if it’s possible to use Muse raw data and process it in order to control another device or equipment such as a drone or a robot hand, or a small robot.

If such a thing is possible, can both Muse headsets accomplish this, both the 2014 version and the 2016?


Yes and No.

Interaxon have Mac, Windows and Mobile development kits, so you can read your raw brain waves into a computer and make those brain waves control anything else that you have connected to your computer…

But your brain waves are too erratic and difficult to control, to be able to use them to control a robot. However, the Muse also picks up eye movement, as the front sensors are right next to the eyes, so you could make a robot move by looking sharply up, down, left or right, then blinking to activate other actions.


Thank you for your time to answer my question!

Are there any differences between the 2014 version of the headset and the 2016 one regarding this kind of usage? From what I read, and please correct me if I’m wrong, it has higher accuracy at reading received signals.


In terms of raw data the 2014 model outputs raw data at 220Hz where as the 2016 model outputs at 256Hz.