Using Muse to observe trance induction


I am a hypnotherapist and I would like to observe the trance tepth of my clients using Muse. I am struggeling with the graph that Muse Lab is providing… how can i determine the depth of a trance?


Is anyone familiar with MuseLab?


Or in other words… Can someone explain me how to display the current Hz of my brain with MuseLab?


Is there any kind of support for this device?


I wrote Muse Monitor to let you see your brain waves. It’s available for Android and iOS in the app stores:

I’m not sure what you mean by “depth of trance”, but if you want to see Alpha,Beta etc, you can do that with my app. It’ll also let you export your data, or stream it to MuseLab over the network. Instructions for doing that are in the help section of the app :slight_smile:


There is support for the device. When you run the Muse Calm (andoid) app go to "settings " and choose “give us your feedback”. I’ve contacted support this way. He was very helpful.