Using Muse to overcome jetlag!



Very grateful to Muse for help with the jetlag! This is an annual event for me. Normally on the first day of this eastbound trip means zero sleep. Ah yes. The older you get the less adept you are at getting over the jetlag. This, my first year of muse, I managed enough hours of sleep in a new time zone. It’s the best year of coping with the jetlag.

Infact, the muse has taught me so well that I didn’t need to use it to enter a peaceful state. Yes, I took away with me the skill that the muse had taught. I have meditated for at least ten years with little success. I couldn’t have done it without the muse. Increasing session time to 20 minutes made a big difference too. It was very helpful that my muscles softened when I meditated on the plane; relieving the discomfort of being trapped in a confined space for over ten hours.

I have stuck to using the muse on the ipod though. The android version was too problematic. However, 'Support ’ gave me a link to a new beta last week. I haven’t tried it yet. I will though. It’s the least I could do. I don’t know if I’m allowed to broadcast this link. If so, I will write again.