Using Muse while active?


At a recent golf instruction class, I was introduced to Ifocusband. The band is used to monitor your brain activity while you are swinging. I was intrigued and found the item immediately beneficial to my swing. I rushed home to google the item, but was dismayed by the $500 price tag. I purchased the Muse instead assuming it would do the same thing. The Muse is scheduled to arrive today, but I heard from the Ifocus team Muse can’t be used while doing physical activity? Does anyone know this to be true? If not, I know there is an SDK, does anyone know if a golf training app has been developed?


[SIZE=15px]Hi Islero,

We have many professional golfers and golf coaches who use Muse to improve their game. The approach we take is to train the mind to be in the moment through focused-attention meditation. Many pro golfers recommend long sessions before a round and even short sessions between strokes/holes on the fairway to keep the mind focused. You can find more info on our youtube channel in the link.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=15px]We do not provide any applications to be used while actually playing golf or in motion, though external developers are exploring this direction independently using our hardware. For example, Opti Golf. This app comes from independent developers who are not affiliated with Muse, but to the best of my knowledge they are exploring this direction and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes from it.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=15px]Brain-sensing technology is not at a place yet where it can provide high levels of accuracy while the user is in motion. Your brain signals are faint and subtle compared to the electrical signals created by your muscles, so an extremely complex and robust filtering system would be required to make it work with high accuracy. We have partnerships with over 100 major academic institutions in this field, and to our knowledge, the science is far from being able to do that kind of filtering. It is inevitable that your movements will engage your muscles which will in turn disrupt any brain sensor’s detection of your brain signals.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=15px]That being said, you can expect an impact on your golf game by sitting comfortably and using it to train your attention on a regular basis. Engaging in long focused attention meditation sessions with Muse just before you set out to play a round of golf can help too. When you’re sitting still and practicing, the accuracy is much better and allows you to train your mind to be present in the moment while you golf.[/SIZE]