Using Node.js and OSC with Muse Headband


Im wondering if anyone in here has done a node.js project and linked it with a MUSE headband?

Below is the OSC package I found on NPM and am currently working through linking it to the headband but cant get it to console.log the OSC packets as they come in from headband

I used the starter tutorial and inserted the port for muse headband of 5001


Hi mcclaskiem,

I have a small node project (purely for the purpose of sending muse data to a web client) using muse here:, but it uses osc-web, not osc.js ( I’m not too familiar with osc.js - are you getting any errors, or is it failing silently?

Incidentally, if you aren’t already, I recommend using node-inspector ( for debugging.


Im just not seeing any data in the console even though im listening on the correct UDP port, I will look into these projects and circle back here! Thanks very much for your response!


Hi mcclaskiem,

I’m the creator of the osc.js library. Although I’m not particularly familiar with the Muse headband, it should work quite nicely with osc.js. I know others have successfully used osc.js with the Muse for building Node.js applications:

If you can provide any information about what your code looks like or the problems you’re encountering, I’m happy to help. Or you can file an issue on the osc.js issue tracker, and I’ll do my best to help you sort it out.

I hope this helps,