Verifying connection to MuseIOReceiveriOS


I’d like to verify that the headband is connected to the iOS version of MuseIOReceiver. The muse is paired with the iPad, and Calm is connecting fine, but when I run museioreceiveios I don’t see any data. How can I check?


MuseIOReceiver receives it’s data through Muse-IO. It is not a stand alone connector.

You need to connect to the Muse from a computer through Muse-IO directly or through Muse-Lab or Muse-Player and send the data over the network to MuseIOReceiver.


Just to pick up on this topic, if MuseIOReceiver is an example of harnessing OSC feeds coming from the headset on a mobile device, what is the best way to initialize those feeds (again, on a mobile device)?

I appreciate the LibMuse library for Android, but I’m currently interested in raw OSC feeds (rather than the nice “MuseDataListener” API)