Version two of the Android app was worth the wait


The app startup time on my phone (a Nexus 5) went from 70 seconds in version 1.x to four seconds in version 2.5.

The one thing I miss is the “total calm” sound – it looks like it has been removed – and I’d like to request that it be restored in a future version. That sound has always been a good goal to shoot for, and hearing it gives a better sense of how a session is going.

Overall, though, this is a great update. Much more refined and far more responsive. Kudos to the Interaxon devs.


Agreed! Miss the weather animation even though it serves no purpose as my eyes are meant to be shut.


Not happy today. After having taken to the new updated adroid version like duck to water it’s now point blank refusing to see the headband. I’ve tried restarting my device snd rebooting the headband to no avail. Will need to write to the support team.