Very calm on the app but the mind is racing

If indeed you are logging 99% and you are observing a lot of mind wandering or thinking or nodding off or something I too would like to know how you are getting a 99%. I have had several above 90 and generally I am getting these when subjectively, I feel I am having a fairly strong session.
i do think that the MUSE, as good as it is, is limited in what it can do.
Also there is the very large question of just exactly WHAT 'watching your breath" means to all of us and what we all think we are doing when we meditate.
Muse is measuring something … brain waves … but it probably is possible to generate alpha waves in ways that aren’t consistent with “watching your breath” whatever that might mean.
In other words low-alpha is not necessarily synonymous with “meditation”


I don’t know if this is the posters device or not but it fits the description:

Wow. Just when I thought I had heard it all.

I would love to hear what people are saying about this device.

I am aware of transcranial stimulation devices like the focus but have concluded that they are mostly placebo with the effect being mild or not at all.

Never heard of this though.

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Hi sorry for the late replay. I took a some break from Muse as I did not get the affects I am looking for. I have started meditating with Muse again with the same results as before. My only explenation is that in my alpha state I have a lot of inner chat and my mind is not very quite. I will try to have longer meditation time in a hope that the chats will eventually subside and I will feel more centre. I will try to recalibrate Muse too.

I did use and I am still using the Vie light 810 every other day. It does have some noticeable affects on my meditations. When I took a break from lllt I have noticed that the session score and quality did went down, and I felt more uncomfortable to meditate.

Usually I feel uncomfortable to meditate, I have some intrusive thought and I feel a bit lost while meditating. I would love to hear a meditation expert opinion on that.

Do you feel the same while meditating ? Do you look forward for your next meditation session ?

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I have the opposite problem at times. When I feel that my mind is absolutely calm and clear and the storm sounds are at their highest. I was wondering if the MUSE device measure subconscious thought and perhaps that would account for the discrepancy that I’m experiencing.

As an experiment, I’ve read some very heavy passages from some of my favorite existential philosophers then went into a meditation session and cleared my head and experienced the phenomenon above. Not a very scientific experiment but thought it might shed some light.


I’ve been meditating daily for more than four years, and my highest score (after three days) is 83%.
I think that in my case is pretty accurate, because my score is lower in the morning, before going to work, because I usually have the residual idea that I must match with my watch, and not being late at work. My experience makes me think the device works well.
My meditation is not focused on breath, mainly I meditate with a mantra and I fix my attention in the ajna chakra. I’ve tried focusing in the breath too only to see what changes, and it makes no difference to me.
Do you clean your sensors? Have you tried with another app, to see the raw data? Are you sure the sensors are operate properly and there is not some of them with no proper contact?

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“I will try to have longer meditation time in a hope that the chats will eventually subside and I will feel more centre.”

ori, meditation is not easy, it takes time
i would do just the opposite, i would shorten your time not lengthen it
i started with 3 minutes then 5 then 10 then 15 etc
if you get some success at 5 minutes, stay with 5 minutes until you are comfortable
5 minutes of strong meditation actually has an effect
don’t push yourself too hard

“I have the opposite problem at times. When I feel that my mind is absolutely calm and clear and the storm sounds are at their highest. I was wondering if the MUSE device measure subconscious thought and perhaps that would account for the discrepancy that I’m experiencing.”

bill, it may well be that you are actually reflecting on your meditation and that is causing the “storm”. in other words, when you are meditating and you note “my mind is clear right now” you have lost the meditation object and muse will respond with feedback


Exactly same question i was about to post. I have been using muse from past 7 days.
Here are my scenarios:

  1. Meditating less than 11 minutes and it always shows between 85 - 99%
  2. I was playing with my baby with wide eyes open actively thinking for 10 minutes, it shown 87% — :open_mouth:
  3. 30+ minutes session shows between 70-90% always.
  4. Did session while watching Final Presidential Debate 89% calm :open_mouth: -
  5. Tried early in the morning shown 1% calm whereas i was super calm at 6:30 am
  6. One night I was about to met an accident but saved myself by pulling my car to the curb side that night i was really in tense that time i tried muse and it shown 80% and 91% for 8 mins and 3 mins respectively. at same time i checked this with my wife too and it shown 38% calm

I am really confused. I really love this product and i wanted to use this forever. I know, I always followed steps carefully at the time of calibration. I know I was not that much % calm as it was showing.
Please help and how can i be sure that these results are correct? I highly appreciate if anyone can help me on this. Thank you.

some samples:

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it seems to me that the new calibration routine just isn’t working

my scores make little sense and vary according to reasons that i just can’t make out

i am perhaps in a minority and didn’t mind the original calibration too much

i just want reliable scores and i don’t feel i am getting them

in a sense the answer is to get benefit out of muse and not worry about scores at all

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I feel I am having a fairly strong session

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listen to music while having muse session. calm % goes upto 95%

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The calibration is the weakest point of the whole concept. The device will give you 90% calm reading as long as you are not completely calm during the calibration. You must allow choosing calibration from any previous sessions. Please add such option into your software. I also think you MUST come clean about this problem and have a respective disclaimer. Your reputation is on the line.


I’ve been using Muse for about a week, and my scores are all over the place. One day I’m 70% calm, and the next I’m 1%, though I see no significant differences in the time of day, my approach, or my subjective mental state. I’m willing to believe that the device is accurate and I’m just not understanding, but these widely varying readings are definitely making me question its accuracy.

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i’m feeling pretty much the same… very calm but my mind is going crazy and the reason why i think about searching for or such sites because i need to get some meds as much as i can see. anyhow thanks for your answers people… i appreciate it a lot. found some useful info… my mental state is… strange to say the least, at the moment.

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Contacted muse support about this today. Got Muse back last march, and it seemed to work well. Hard to get birds, pretty responsive if my mind wandered. Didn’t use it much last June, and starting last July it got way too easy to get birds. Is my headband broken? Have the algorythems changed? At this point I’m ready to tell everyone I know Muse is garbage and not to waste $300…

I have been using Muse for the past month and I have had very good results. When the noise elevates I notice that I am thinking about someone or thing. If I take a deep breath and just exhale slowly and put myself into a state of just being the noise quiets and birds come out. If I try to focus on anything that will set the noise louder. So I can’t say to myself to just focus on breathing. My scores are typically in the 65-75% range. I find some of the sounds distracting especially the dessert howling winds.

I agree. You can not be thinking when meditating. Ori should try 5 minute sessions and not let the results frustrate him. Counterproductive.

Hi Mike. Try changing the settings. Put the background volume on the mini.

As I realized, the “calm score” of the meditation very depending from the calibration. If I relaxing during the calibration then Muse set this calm state as “normal” level, and the “calm factor” of the meditation will be very bad (20-30%). If my mind busy during the calibration, and my eyes are open, then the meditation will be very successful (80-90%).
So please be aware the calibration state, because the level of your calmness during the meditation depending of that…

I have had conflicting results also.
The feedback I get from the device seems to contradict preconceived ideas of how and what constitutes a good meditation session.

I get much better scores when I mediate with my eyes open for example.

I also seem to sometimes score high when I least expect to do so. My guess is for this is that stress and conflict that one may be experiencing is not really picked up in your brain necessarily and it’s just your perception of how you’re feeling and can’t really be measured perhaps.

The “bird chirp” app is crap. It’s misleading because the calibration stage creates a relative baseline that determines if you are “meditating/calm” or not. More about my tests here:

So all of these complaints are legit. Sad that Muse isn’t transparent. The fact that they haven’t said anything suggests to me they are aware of this PROBLEM and can’t do anything about it. Which suggests even more about the truth about their supposed technology and hardware solution.

I’m going to continue testing to see if this the Muse headband is just hype and empty promises. If it doesn’t do what it advertises, we all should get refunds. :slight_smile: