Very calm on the app but the mind is racing


Contacted muse support about this today. Got Muse back last march, and it seemed to work well. Hard to get birds, pretty responsive if my mind wandered. Didn’t use it much last June, and starting last July it got way too easy to get birds. Is my headband broken? Have the algorythems changed? At this point I’m ready to tell everyone I know Muse is garbage and not to waste $300…


I have been using Muse for the past month and I have had very good results. When the noise elevates I notice that I am thinking about someone or thing. If I take a deep breath and just exhale slowly and put myself into a state of just being the noise quiets and birds come out. If I try to focus on anything that will set the noise louder. So I can’t say to myself to just focus on breathing. My scores are typically in the 65-75% range. I find some of the sounds distracting especially the dessert howling winds.


I agree. You can not be thinking when meditating. Ori should try 5 minute sessions and not let the results frustrate him. Counterproductive.


Hi Mike. Try changing the settings. Put the background volume on the mini.


As I realized, the “calm score” of the meditation very depending from the calibration. If I relaxing during the calibration then Muse set this calm state as “normal” level, and the “calm factor” of the meditation will be very bad (20-30%). If my mind busy during the calibration, and my eyes are open, then the meditation will be very successful (80-90%).
So please be aware the calibration state, because the level of your calmness during the meditation depending of that…