Very High Delta Waves


I’ve been meditating fairly regularly for the last year or so, but despite that I’ve been dealing with a number of mental health issues lately. I just recently received my muse and am able to consistently score 60-80% calmness when meditating, but I’m noticing that pretty much any other time, my delta waves are the strongest. I didn’t think too much of it and assumed it was some measurement discrepancy. That is, until I started doing some research and found some studies linking heightened delta waves with “Brain injuries, learning problems, inability to think, severe ADHD” (

So my question is this - is anyone else experiencing regularly higher delta waves when using their Muse while not meditating or is this just me? Because the description up there reads a lot like how I’ve felt lately.


No idea on how to measure my delta wave. But you “score 60-80%”, wow, you are very good!

After 1.5 year of using Muse, recently, if I am able to score 30% or get 25 birds during 20 minutes meditation, I am very satisfied! Currently, one of most frequent awards I am getting is “Wanderlust award”. :smiley:


15 minutes, 95% of calm, 152 birds, 2,602 Points ??


Interesting reviews on Muse. I have been doing various forms of meditation most of my life. With these I have used the Beta-Alpha-Theta-Delta approach and am somewhat familiar as to how my mind functions within this scale. I have only been with Muse for a month. I question how the Muse scale relates to the previous scale? I assume Active is Beta. But I have a problem with were Neutral and Calm fit into the Alpha-Theta- Delta cycles. Are the 3 all roughly blended into the to Muse scale of Neutral and Calm ?

I would not think that there would be a lot of similarity between individuals because of the big variations in the personalized effects of the 3 options just before running the session. I would expect it to be a vary personalized graph.


This is becoming usual practice for me, I most time get above 90% for 20 minutes meditation.
not sure how accurate it is. I found EEG cap having over 250 sensors and this has 7 sensor.
Found this:


YES! Omg - I thought I was going crazy. I always thought I had ADHD. I am using Muse Monitor. Are you?


Delta is the most susceptible to muscle movement interference, so if you’re seeing a lot of it when you’re not expecting to, then it’s likely that it’s picking up eye movement, eye brows, or other facial muscles.

To help minimize this, you should to the Muse Monitor raw data view where you can see the effect that different facial muscles have. Try and make the “fuzz” on the line as thin as possible. You’ll notice that blinking or moving your eyes quickly to look around will generate very large spikes in the data and corresponding increases in the calculated Delta wave.