VERY important request


What I really really need to do is permanently rewire my brain to be more balanced and in-the-moment. The headband really does appear to have the potential to do this for me, but the racing thoughts that I suffer from always end up derailing any progress I may have made. If someone could program a special app for me for this specific purpose that would be really really great.


Myndlift does neurofeedback with the original Muse.


Mindfulness is paying attention on purpose in the moment non judgmentally.
If you expect to get a result you will stunt your growth, your practice will suffer.
Chronic stress is our problem. Mine was anger and anxiety. I think of my neuropathway pathway as a highway. Stress (sympathetic nervous system) Fight or flight. Was a six lane super highway.
Calm and peace (parasympathetic), rest and digest is a barely visible dirt path.
Through meditation you can turn your six-lane highway into 5 lanes while turning your dirt path into 1 lane highway it takes time to rewire your brain, eventually reversing the roles more peace less stress
I have been meditating for 4 years and have changed my brain enough to react not to respond to most stressors. Takes time.
A minimum of 8 weeks before you notice any change.
You will know you’re doing well when people close to you notice the change
Look into different meditations, Loving Kindness, Body Scan,
etc. I turn off the sound on Muse and use other guided meditations with my headset. You can see what works best for you with the muse app

Hope this was helpful