Viewing muse 2016 files in matlab


I’ve converted my .muse -> .mat in hopes of visualizing past session data & markers in mat lab.

I’m curious how I can view my 2016 data in mat lab, _ideally _
I would like to have the ability to view all the raw alpha/beta/theta/delta/gamma waves coming from the headset.
We are working on building out an ERP study with muse and the end goal, our study is capturing a couple things:

  1. Video of participants faces
  2. Audio they are hearing
  3. Screen capture of what they are seeing
  4. Muse Data

End goal is to build out a system that would allow us to go back and view a subjects previous recorded session and “scrub” through a timeline in which all the data is synced together, i.e. markers would be what they were seeing/hearing at that moment in time.

But for now a step in the right directions would be for us simply to be able to view the data in Mat Lab.

Currently using a screen capture to achieve this result but unhappy with the amount of flexibility with the information/data after the fact.

did you managed creating an ERP from the muse data?
I am also working with MatLab to create an ERP with my recorded muse data. But I have many problems with it. I dont know how I can process the data in MatLab to get an ERP.
I would be happy if you can help me solving this problem.