Vision EEG - Brain2Midi - Brain music and visuals using brainwaves


Has anyone ever tried to produce music or visual effects using their brainwaves? It is now possible using Brain2Midi Android application from Vision EEG. This application will use your Muse headband to acquire EEG and then after analysis, Midi notes and CC parameters are generated and sent to a PC using Bluetooth, Wifi or with a USB to MIDI outlet.

Check out the promotionnal video.

And the tutorial.

The manual is available here.

Finally Vision EEG website

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Brain2Midi was updated!

Notes quantization at a specific tempo is now available, it is easier to integrate the result with existing music. It is now also possible to send lower brain frequencies to higher notes and higher brain frequencies to lower notes.

Hope you can enjoy it!

Get Brain2Midi at Vision EEG website