Wave sound


I know that the wind sound correlates to how active my brain is, that is more wind means less calm.

But what do the lapping waves sound mean?


I had the same question, I find both the birds and the lapping waves to be distracting (un-calming). Wish I could turn them off but leave the winds on. Apparently the next version will allow you to turn off audio but I want some not all when it comes to the noises… the best reward is silence as far as I am concerned.


Any noise is slightly distracting, the birds are pleasant, but the waves are not so much. Silence is the best reward, and you can silence the waves, at least for a few seconds.

Does anyone from Muse know what the wave sounds in Muse Calm signify?


Perhabs wave sounds mean you’re not dead. lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for this bad joke.


Any update on this from the folks at Muse?

You wrote the app, surely you know what it means?


I really like my muse. It was a gift. I have been practicing meditation since 2010. It’s been very interesting to have a device that kinda measures what my brain is really doing. My best session was 90% calm, if I remember correctly I think I received 163 birds. ( my mind was very busy yet my body was very relaxed, I wasn’t counting.) I have reached complete calm many times, although I don’t know what that means; is that a delta State or Theta? My coal is to reach an awakened delta state. Can the app show me this result.


[B]Will the app be allowed to run for longer time, like up to an hour?[/B]


We’ve got a major update to the app in the pipeline that will allow adjustable session times from 3-60min.


What is the differences between easy, medium, and hard? What will I the user notice?


I would also appreciate more info on these things. What specifically does a bird chirp signify? Mere time spent in calm state? What about the flapping wings? Is that the same as a chirp, or is it a little bird being startled away by sudden increase in mental activity? What are the waves? Do I want them to be quiet too (I kinda like the lapping). What are the difficulty levels? If I know what the feedback means, then I can learn more effectively from it.


Wow, no info on this? …


Hey everyone,

Sorry for not responding sooner. Let me break it down a bit for you.

The difficulty is meant to give you an experience that is a bit harsher for you wind intensity. Basically you’ll more readily hear the storm coming up during the session.

With regards to sound effects:

  • The Waves are natural and always present. You don’t need to quite the waves as they will persist throughout the session. They are meant to be soothing.
  • The birds will arrive on your beach, or forest for iOS now, whenever you manage to maintain your calm state for at least 5 consecutive seconds. It’s a system to reward you for not only achieving calm but staying there.
  • The birds flapping noise is when you’ve managed to chase your birds away because you’ve conjured up a storm in your environment and scared them away again.

Hope that helps, sorry for the delay.