Web API?


If users could grant access to their “Calm” app data (which I believe is stored on your servers) through a Web API, this would enable a lot of neat applications. For example, correlating meditation progress with exercise or sleep data from Fitbit, location data from the Moves app, or room conditions from Netatmo.


+1. Collecting data from your mobile phone could be useful in developing a lot of things. I suppose Interaxon might be wary of security implications, but maybe a private API? Or maybe just transmit the data some other way?


Since they already store the data on their servers, I don’t see any special security implications in letting users grant access to their data to 3rd parties (using OAuth). Companies like Fitbit, Jawbone and Withings have done this in order to build an ecosystem around their services, works very well.


I would love to correlate my Fitbit data with my Calm scores! Sign me up as a beta user!


@ejain, OAuth could definitely work for this. Implementing OAuth could require a large development effort though (I was at a company where it took several man months). Interaxon is still a small enough team that they’re probably spending more time interviewing right now than coding! It would definitely make possible some really interesting integrations though.