What app shows the 5 separate brain waves?


I was watching a video created by Alex Charfen and in that video he was showing an app on his phone that had the 5 separate brainwaves data.
Does anyone know which app can be downloaded to show the 5 separate brainwaves?
Also, is the app for IOS or Android or both?

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My app Muse Monitor can show individual brain waves, among other things :slight_smile:
It’s available for both iOS and Android.


I use the Muse Monitor all the time in seminars to demonstrate the benefits of relaxation etc… and it’s really useful.
But… isn’t it time to develop a Windows variant?


Can the Muse Monitor be used at the same time as the Muse app? I can’t see a good use for the monitor otherwise.


Only one app at a time can connect in to the Bluetooth stream. Muse Monitor is not a replacement for the Interaxon Calm app, it is designed specifically for research and those wishing to see the real data that is happening behind the scenes.


Re: Windows, I’m working on it :wink:


Can it hand off OSC data to other apps running on the iPhone/iPad?


That’s not something I’ve tried, but in theory you could set the OSC server to and feed the data back.


Hello Friend. How did you get into the program Muse Monitor, the average value? I meditate for 20 minutes and hotelby find the average value for the session of the rhythms.


You can record you session to excel csv then calculate this very simply.


I know, but how to use it, how to build a schedule?


Wondering apart from Muse Monitor, is there any other app for IOS out there? Anyone knows any other app developed for Muse device?

Thank you finally advance /S


Muse Direct is now available on iOS, which allows you to visualize, record, stream Muse data. Any recorded files are automatically synced to the cloud and available to you any time, and you can download them in multiple formats(currently FIF (MNE), CSV, EDF or JSON). Download here:


MuseLab in the SDK will do this