What can be done with data from MuseLab on Macbook Air


I started receiving data from MuseLab (via port 5000) on Macbook Air.
Is it possible to do more on MacBook Air or I still need an IOS device (iPhone, etc.) to get practical info?
Thank you.

I got an answer on another thread.

From cbillard Administrator:
You can view graphs of the incoming data and record it with MuseLab. For help getting this set up check out http://developer.choosemuse.com/research-tools/muselab

If you want to replay your recorded file or convert it to a different format (CSV, MatLab), you can use muse-player (included in the research tools). It is described in more detail at http://developer.choosemuse.com/research-tools/museplayer


Yea for beginner stage performance MacBook air will be more than enough, with demand and time you can later shift to iOS deivce.

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