What determines harmony score in the breathing exercises?


Looking for information on what determines the harmony score in the new breathing exercises for Muse 2.

I don’t believe it’s just looking for how well you’re timing your breath compared to the timer. I’m hoping instead that it’s looking at your heart rate variability and tracking “heart rate coherence” with your breath. Can anybody confirm or provide further information on this? Having trouble finding solid information on it.

If it’s not doing this, I feel like it would be a good idea or something someone could develop more easily since I think you only need the heart rate to do it. But you could also compare the heart rate coherence with what brainwave patterns look like at that time and look for any correlations.




Sorry for the false alarm. I don’t have a proper reply to your question, but if I can rather add to it: the accelerometer is also used in the breath meditation. My guess is that it uses the heart rate variability for each breath, and the accelerometer measures the slight movement in the body for each inhale and exhale, and compares the two together to see how well it fits the timer.


yeah, was just wondering if heart rate variability and the wave/coherence of it is actually what is being measured. Still can’t find official info on it. Maybe someone else will make an app for it