What did you learn from Muse?


Hi everyone,

When I started using Muse, I first had pretty lousy calm percentages. I felt compelled to use it as a tool to learn meditation best practices, and I stopped meditating without it.

I had to work on the blur between my conscience and my thinking mind to work my way up. I had to soften my focus / attachement on the '‘calm’'feedback. I had to react more smoothly to ‘‘agitation’’ feedback as well.

I wonder what did you get from your Muse practice. How did it impact your general practice? Thanks for sharing.


I have been using Muse for a month. I have been meditating on and off, for many years. I feel that Muse has turbo-charged my meditation, and made me very consistent in my practice. I have been usually in the 80-92% range, and feel that the correlation between the feedback and graphs and my subjective experience is fairly accurate. I need to remind myself not to get too hung up on the percentages and trying to compete with myself or others as that is not what meditation is about. So it has been so far a very positive experience.


Hey. I use Muse for 2 months regularly. Note the positive effect in the direction of greater discipline and prudence in everyday life.