What is an OSC prefix?

I just downloaded Muse Direct on my ios and connected to Muse 2016 headband. I turned on streaming but I am not sure what to write in the OSC prefix. How do I get that?

Also, I want to control a game live using the headband. Is it possible to live stream data from the headband to my MacBook? if so - is using Muse direct the possible way to do it?

The OSC prefix is the name of the device that is sending the OSC messages. In the case of Muse devices, you can use something like “muse” or “muse1”.

Yes, you can stream data from Muse Direct to your MacBook, but you’ll need an OSC “listener” (server) running on your MacBook to convert that data into something useful to control your game. OSC Data Monitor works in a Processing environment.

Based on these tools, I have developed muse-lib, a Processing-based library to visualize Muse data using Processing.