When will muse-io be available for muse2016?


When will muse-io be available for muse2016?

What are other options for using muse2016 from a pc using a serial-over bluetooth connection to access raw data?

I explicitly do not want to use any other application or a mobile to access the data.


Bump! When is it going to be available? Has anyone had success making something on windows that can replace muse-io? Any tips from your software team on developing something in windows to do it? It would save everyone who is interested in research a lot of time! That will be good for your product.

Any chance you will publish the muse-monitor app (a necessary app for developing on muse2016) available for free?

You guys are doing great work, and I’m sure you’re really busy, but right now I’m kinda bumbed at the lack of support for muse2016 on the PC.


Yes muse2016 has very poor support even on android, I can connect to muse app on my phone, but I must retry connecting about 15-20 times before it gets connected. Tried to connect it to PC with recommended “ASUS USB-BT400” dongle, but it is more like a dream than reality.


Yeah the problem is really extreme but so far no staff has come to answer when the muse-io will work for the new version which really pissed me off. I tried to download the LibMuse sdk but it’s really a pain to figure it out as a non-developer, I cannot even run the example properly and I don’t know where goes wrong.
Now I have to use an old version that borrowed from my colleague’s friend for my project. But I have to return it soon and it supposed to be a long term prpject…
So what’s the point for me to throw the money in purchasing the 2016 headband??? Can I just return it or ask them to send me an old version instead!!!


I returned mine



I ended up finishing a windows-app to send the Muse data to UDP (and thus use it in matlab, etc…).

I put the project up here: https://researchonabudget.wordpress.com/2017/02/14/getting-data-out-of-the-muse2016-eeg-headband/


This is awesome! We’ve been waiting a long time for something like this for the 2016 model. I plan to test this out this week. Thank you so much for posting this!


hey, you did great job!! thank you! (i’m dnjstlr555 :blush:)


Hi ultrafro,
please how can I open the .appxbundle
I have pc windows8

thank you



I’m not sure if app-x will work on windows 8. I’m working on a command line version that should work for everything. Sorry for the delay


thank you very much


Hi I found this application

muse EEG 2017

Mehrez boulares

Visualize what’s going on in your brain and save the EEG signals related to the last version of muse EEG device (2017) in XML format into the internal memory of your smart phone or send signals to your laptop through socket IO.We provide also the python source code (https://files.fm/u/ugmftxfb) of the socket server that receives the muse EEG data…


It’s work verry well with muse 2016


Hi All,

I join the question in title: When will muse-io be available for muse2016?
Good intentions paved the way to hell. I think it was a serious mistake to admit the incompatibility of two types of devices. The number of apps is very limited. Even if the device manufacturer can not provide applications support for the new model, what to say about third side developers.

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So this app requires MatLab?