When will we get Research Tools for the 2016 headband !?


Hi - I just bought a Muse from ChooseMuse and now discover that the research tools page has this message at the top of it - “NOTE: The research tools are compatible with the Muse 2014 headband. Support for the Muse 2016 headband is coming soon.” - http://dev.choosemuse.com/research-tools/getting-started

I would not have bought Muse at all if I had known that the research tools were unavailable for it. They are a MAJOR part of the functionality of the device for anyone who wants to go beyond absolute basics.

Can anyone tell me that they will truly be available soon ? Like, provide a date by which this will happen ?
Why the delay in such an important functionality ??

Thanks ~


Hi @Narada_Das

It is actually only Muse-IO that is not compatible with the 2016 headband. MuseLab and MusePlayer will work with both headbands.

If you are using Windows 10, I suggest giving Muse Direct a try as that can connect to both the 2014 and 2016 headbands. (http://www.choosemuse.com/developer/)