Where can I download the file of MuseIO


I bought the Muse several days ago.

And I want to take a look at my EEG, I try to down the Muse research-tools at http://dev.choosemuse.com/research-tools, but I found that I can not find the differences between the software of MuseIO, MuseLab and MusePlayer.
When I click the buttoms of"download" of each software, I can only see the same file of “musesdk-3.4.1-windows-installer.exe” and with the same size. Why?


The file you downloaded is the installer for the research tools. Once you install, you will have the three separate applications installed on your computer.

Instructions for using the research tools can be found on the link you posted. Click “Getting Started” for install instructions.

Alternatively you can use my Muse Monitor app for Android or iOS to view data directly on your mobile device.