Where is MuseIO and the other applications?


I just downloaded and successfully - believe it or not - installed the Software Development Kit for my Muse Headband. Where in the heck do I find MuseIO and the other applications please? :slight_smile:


What platform are you on? We should install a “Muse” shortcut in windows and to /Applications/Muse on osx.


I am on Window 7. What is the path please?


If you already installed the windows SDK, open “command prompt” and type muse-io, all the command options will display.


As shown here:

You should be able to see all the SDK files in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Muse” if you’d like to find them on Windows.


Thanks for getting me started folks! Is there a quick and easy way to get about three minutes of headband data into a hard disk file?



Sure thing, you can stream data directly into Muse-Player from Muse-IO through OSC to save it to a muse file.
Depending on the OS you can launch:
./muse-io --osc.udp://localhost:5000
And then launch
./muse-player -l udp:5000 -F museData.muse

Press ctrl-c to stop recording.

Alternatively you can run Muse-Lab, listen to port 5000 through the UI, UDP or TCP depending on the choice you made in Muse-IO. Muse-Lab can then plot and save the data at the same time if you wish to view it as you save.

You can then replay any muse file with ./muse-player -f museData.muse -s to send over osc.
You can get more information about commands with ./muse-player --help