Where is the MATLAB output file saved?


Hi muse developers,

I tried to use museplayer to convert the osc messages to MATLAB file and save it. So I use this command:

muse-player -l tcp:5000 -M /Users/xxx/museplayer/matlab1.mat

However, I couldn’t find the matlab1.mat file in the museplayer folder. Do you know where is the saved matlab output?

Thank you,


Hi hymis,

You should be able to find the file at the path. Perhaps there was an error saving the file? Can you try another file output type and make sure that works? Does Muse-Player indicate that is it receiving data?


Hi Farough,

Thanks for your reply. I tried output to screen display and it worked fine. I’m pretty sure that the museplayer is receiving data. I just couldn’t save it.


Hi Hymis,

Can you save any other formats?


Hi Farough,

Yes I can. All other formats work fine. I just found out that actually the data can be saved with -M /Users/xxx/museplayer/matlab1, without the .m extension at the end. If I add the extension .m to the saved file afterwards, MATLAB will be able to open it properly.


Hi Hymis,

Noted, we don’t force the file to have an extension for matlab, since the user can name it. I will consider making this change to Muse-Player in the future.

Thanks for bringing it up.


I’ve noticed this behaviour in my Windows installations … that’s because I have Microsoft Office Access installed, and there is a registry entry “NeverShowExt” (for .mat file extensions) and the file is recognized by the OS as a “Microsoft Access Table Shortcut (.mat)” file. Even if you check the option to allways show file extensions in Explorer, it will never show the .mat extension perhaps due to this registry entry.

I am not using MatLab yet, but whenever I want to create a MatLab file with Muse-Player I give it another extension.


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