Where to get research firmware?


I got my muse today, it looks great so far. It ships with consumer firmware, which has access to a limited subset of channels and only filtered data. Where can I get the researchers firmware?

Also, why are there two versions of the firmware in the first place, since one is just a limited subset of the other?


I’ve yet to receive my Muse but I would also like some clarification on this research vs consumer firmware question.

The device is advertised to have 7 sensors – I would feel a bit misled if I received a device that was intentionally crippled.


We only have one firmware at the moment, the consumer firmware. We are working on further enhancements to the product but we are not ready to release any details yet. The device does have 7 sensors and 4 channels of data and you have access to all of those 7 sensors and 4 channels.