Where to get support for the Calm App?


Hi everyone, I am looking for more info on the Calm app - it needs a manual which I cannot find. I have simple questions like

  • What do the wave sounds mean?
  • Can we access calibration data?
  • What is “Difficulty level”?


Hi HongT,

For general support for Calm, you can contact community@interaxon.ca

To answer your questions:

[B]- What do the wave sounds mean?[/B]

The waves are a gradually changing part of the background environment, to help contextualize the beach. If you perform really well in your session and keep the winds low for long enough, if you listen closely you’ll notice the waves start to settle down, too.

[B]- Can we access calibration data?[/B]

No, you can’t access the calibration data in Calm.

[B]- What is “Difficulty level”?[/B]

The Difficulty Level controls how dramatically the sounds change with brain state. It doesn’t affect your score or number of birds, just the auditory feedback during a session.


Thanks again for your reply, it is useful to know what the settings do and sounds mean in the Calm app.

Is there a manual or user guide or manual for the Calm app from Muse?


There are a few resources for info on Calm and what it does:


Thanks for the info! I think the bits on waves & difficulty should be in the documentation. The more I know about the feedback, and better use I can make of it.a