Who is a hardcore muser like I am?


Since two months getting my headband I’ve been a zening it up monk styles. To this date I got over 100 sessions put in and I got like close to over 1k birds and and a gazillion points. Weekly I earn about over 12k points so wondering if there’s other musers who has reached the 12 min mark as I am? (most calm was 97%)

Although I hope the andriod update comes out soon… its not fair the apple products get the updates first!


258 235 points. 6037 birds. 2018 minutes. most calm at 96%. In fact most of the time i meditate without muse.


Wow! 97%? I had one short session at 93% but I think that was a fluke. That was about six weeks ago, and I’ve averaged around 50% since, with nothing over about 70%.

So far I’ve been musing about two months as well, and just got the 50 sessions over 50% calm milestone. I’ve completed the 24 challenges and really hope InteraXon add some more soon.


Current stats after about 3 months of daily use:
Minutes: 2,459
Points: 260,912
Birds: 5,688

What I don’t get is that I can almost nod off, and score over 70% calm. But I can also do something involving lots of focus, alertness, and let’s say rapid hand movements … and I also score over 70% calm!

Shouldn’t I score higher on active if I am, well, active?


Almost 12 months:

  • 564 sessions
  • 922,515 points
  • 43,255 birds
I’ve done around 40 sessions with a calm score of 100%.

It really has had a significant, measurable impact in helping to deal with stress and anxiety


Well done. It’s amazing. How long are your sessions most of the time?


For the past seven or eight months, I’ve been doing mostly 12- and 20-minute sessions. Once in a while, I do a shorter session if I’m having connectivity problems.


@BlindGuitarist, I had a similar question, that when I’m sleepy and nodding off, Calm shows that I’m ‘active.’

My questions was: I’ve been using used for a few months now and I have a question about what should happen if I’m very sleepy as opposed to calm/active/neutral. Should I expect the winds and storms as if my mind is active or will the calm app respond as if my brain is calm.

Their response: When you are asleep, your mind is in more often in an active state rather than a calm one; so if you were to fall sleep during a session generally the app would respond as if it is active.


wow you guys are all bosses! I’m proud of you! I almost forgot about this thread haha

here are my screenshots of my latest attempts! Granted I’m only at 200 sessions but I only got the Muse in April so I got some catching up to do!

Although I’m a bit cheesed the Andriod update hasn’t been released yet… I even bought an Andriod device just to use with Muse.

Granted as monky as I am I’m still a slacker, not as pissed as much… but my best session was done today!

Now that I’ve mastered 20 min sessions I’m beggining to take it to the next level and meditate while standing up still no slouching! I use a standing desk at home so I’m trying to mimic the conditions I will be in while not meditating.

Eventually I’d like to deidcate 1 hour to meditation everyday if I could, I think I want to be as zen as possible.

BUt seriously… release the new update… don’t make me regret my purchase…

Although congrats to everyone on this thread! I think medtiation helps everyone! And yes my worse sessions are when I am sleepy or lacking of sleep. Espically when kinda “dozing” off during my 20 min sessions, the winds and such are crazy haha


Yay I had my best session ever so I had to share! Although funny thing is… I didn’t do it entirely sober so I wonder if I’m just gaming the system…

Regardless I felt good :slight_smile:

Although I felt that there was a “4th” stage below calm… and if I had to name it… it would be serenity. I mean its when the sound of the waves are not there and all you hear is this hum of an aura creeping up on you. This is shown in my performance graphs as the line flat lines at the bottom, but this can be only heard with headphones! Granted it was an eerie experience and I hope to feel it more as I get more calmer!


There is, kind of.

After you’ve been in a state of “total calm” for a while, you’ll hear something that sounds like an organ (another poster described it as sounding like a harmonium). It’s a single, continuous sound and it can vary in volume.

AFAIK, it’s undocumented.


yeah like an Easter Egg

I took a break from meditating and its been tough to get to the “4th” stage again. A reminder to keep up with your training!


583,683 points 28,945 birds 3611 minutes almost of all of my sessions are above 80% and most often I get above 90%, my best is at 99%.

Although I have realized, since October last year I could not achieve point of total calmness any time. Which I use to achieve many times over before.


hey guys! been awhile since I posted here but wanted to update on my muse status!

I’m close to 5k minutes! Been trying to beat my record of 29 days in a row, sitting at 10 days in a row!

I’ve been musing since april 2015, the only crappy thing is my battery life is suffering greatly … after a 20 min session my battery bar drops to 1 bar (from 4 bars). Charging it fully only shows 4 out of 5 bars so not sure how much longer the battery will hold up as I try to do 20 min sessions sometimes twice a day.

I was going to contact support to see how much it costs to replace the battery… I live in the Toronto area so if its beyond the cost of the unit itself I’m going to be extremely disappointed as it is advertised up at 4 hour of continuous use and I have never gotten remotely close to that.

Regardless hope everyone reaches their meditation goals.


Sorry to revive a dead post, just wondering about this tone that you mentioned.

Is the tone an actual audio tone from the app itself, or is it something that people who are meditating experience naturally?

Sometimes, while deep in meditation, I will hear a “tone” that I don’t think is an external noise. It seems to come from within, almost like a resonating frequency… for myself, it seems to waiver, almost like a radio that is being tuned, clear/loud and not as easily heard. I realized that it wasn’t an external audio tone when I woke up one morning and the “tone” was extremely clear/resonating very loudly in my mind upon waking. I felt extremely relaxed and at peace. As I opened my eyes, it gradually dissipated.

I just starting using Muse a couple of days ago, and my recent sessions are at 87/98/93% calm. I don’t seem to have any trouble meditating, however I haven’t heard the “tone” in at least a year. I’ll see if I can try a longer session with Muse and see if I experience it again. I don’t ever aim to experience any sensation at all while meditating, however it would be interesting to see what the experience brings.


Hi @mikoss,

Is the tone an actual audio tone from the app itself

Yes, it was from the app, but it was removed in version 2. Then in, I think, Android version 3.1 of the app they re-purposed that sound – it’s now the background audio you hear during the calibration phase.

Here’s something from the book “The Mind Illuminated: A Complete Meditation Guide Integrating Buddhist Wisdom and Brain Science”:

This temporary suspension of conscious information processing for all the senses is one of the two key features of full pacification of the senses. The other is that, with several of the senses, ordinary sensations not only disappear, but are replaced by internally generated perceptions. For example, you may see an inner light, or hear an inner sound. These internally generated perceptions are quite different from imagination or memory. For one thing, they are much more “real.” They are also entirely spontaneous and can’t be intentionally induced.


I notice that when I begin my meditation and focus during the calibration instead of the “start focusing on your breath now” suggestion. It may help me with my scores. My best is a short 3 minute session, while I’ve done longer ones… This one felt great… here’s my graphic…


That’s a beautiful session, tahiltonjr…

I had contacted Muse a few days ago about the calibration process, and they told me it’s a good idea to meditate during the calibration. If your brain is quite active during the calibration, it can cause the calm % to read higher during the session.

I always meditate during the calibration, but I also find that it can become easy to understand how “zen” I am feeling throughout the day. This morning, I felt like I could calm myself quite a bit, however I felt fairly unsettled when I first started. Yesterday was a total write-off… my session was 65% calm.

Feeling like I could relax a lot more today, I did three quick sessions, before I finally had a nice, relaxing experience…

I personally find that a session with very little swing up and down feels better for me than one with a lot of chops.


Wow ! that’s outstanding tahiltonjr. When you focus on your breath, do you use a mantra or repeat anything to yourself?


Yes… don’t just wish you had chosen 20 minutes after you see the results?