Why does this command word on OSX, but not on Win10?


muse-io --device Muse --osc osc.udp://localhost:5001 --preset 14 --dsp

This works perfectly fine in Terminal, but all that happens when I cut and paste this command into Console CMD prompt is that it lists the help topics.


When I simply run the command muse-io (with no additional parameters) it works fine in CMD and tries to connect. Why when I add parameters does it simply not work?



If you get any of the parameters wrong, it will list the help.

e.g. muse-io --something will make the help show.

Try adding the parameters one by one until you find out which is triggering the failure.

That said, this command string looks fine to me, so I would check that you have the latest version of LibMuse installed. Perhaps you have a different/older version which is missing some options.


Thank you! I double checked and something very strange must have happened in the formatting when I did the cut and paste. It extended one of the hyphens on Windows. Works fine now!