Why is the longest session only 12 minutes?



I purchased my muse and received it earlier this week, and so far I’m loving it. The only issue I have is that the time is set so low. I meditate on a frequent basis and would to use this headset for 30 minutes, one hour, two hours at a time. Right now I’m having to do multiple 12 minute sessions.



We’re gotten that feedback from a number or people. Look for longer sessions in an update soon!


@trevorcoleman, would you consider include options of an hour? Meditation practices like Vipassana say that it takes at least an hour for the mind to settle down. I would like to see if you can see that by an increase in Theta brain waves.


Sweet, I’ll second the longer sessions! I’m using it while meditating as well and find 12 minutes too short. For those with no experience sitting I can see 30 minutes or an hour being overload and even intimidating. It could even deter people because they might think 30 minutes is no big deal (until they do it!); perhaps just allow longer times after you’ve “unlocked” the calm app. Either way longer sessions would certainly be a welcome addition.


Correct me if I’m wrong but could you just use the SDK-included MuseLab A visualizer tool which lets you record your brainwaves for as long as you wish?


Perhaps the gamification could be taken further (although I can see how it may potentially become a source of frustration for some) - i.e. after completing 5 full sessions of, say, 80% calm or more on 3 minutes, then 5 minutes is unlocked, then the same is required in order to proceed to 7 minutes, and 12 minutes, etc.

Or the same unlocking mechanism would only come into effect after the 12 minute stage?


We definitely want to make the app approachable for people who have never engaged with this kind of focussed attention training before. There are also some data visualization issues, and it is harder to show longer sessions in ways that are still meaningful for our users.

We’re working on improvements in these areas, so look for them soon!