Will latest Muse SDK support old headset?


I released an iOS application last year with the older muse Hardware (non 2016). I ordered new hardware (the Muse 2016), and I’m updating to the latest iOS SDK. Should I expect this to also work with the older headsets? If so - great! No need to read on…

But, if not - I have a large user base using the non-2016 headsets. Any recommendation on how to support both the new and old hardware? I don’t want to leave my faithful users in the dust :slight_smile:


The latest iOS SDK (5.13.0) supports both versions of the headbands (Muse 2014 and Muse 2016).

The same API is used to connect to both versions of the headband but has changed substantially if you were using LibMuse 1.2.1 before. Check out the example application MuseStatsIos, as well as the IXNMuseManager and IXNMuse classes to see how it has changed.


Am just interested to do something useful with this beautiful device in my part of the world and need to speak to some like your self who has gone that road. Would you be willing to have some one to one chat about your journey, your app and how to go about it? skype email, phone, FaceTime… all works.
Looking forward to hear from you.

Kind regards /Saeed Yousefi (living in Sweden)


Thank your for your timely response. I’m glad to hear that the new iOS SDK support both the Muse 2014 & 2016! And I love the example application and new API - it’s very simple and easy to use.