Will Muse 2 integrate with Apple's iOS' health data app?


Greetings. I am seriously considering the Muse 2 headband. I was one of the earlier original Muse headband users, but always wanted the data to sync with the iOS health data, which has a section for mindfulness and many apps that support it.

With the additional data from the Muse 2, will we finally get Health app support? I believed it was promised several updates ago, but still seems to be MIA.


The app already syncs Mindful Minutes to Health. See Settings --> System Settings --> Sync this account with Health. It works fine with my Muse 2016 headband.

Oh, or maybe you’re asking more about data specific to the Muse 2, such as heart rate?


Thanks Chris. I have the original Muse (power button with no circle), so perhaps this feature only works for the 2016 version.

It would be great if someone from Muse could verify this.

I’d expect Muse 2 to do the same, with the additional new metrics the updated band can provide.