Will Muse2016 API be the same as Muse2014?



I’m interested in writing some software for the Muse headset, and as of now I have purchased the 2016 version. I would like the headset to stream directly to the computer over bluetooth, without having to go through an app like Muse Monitor. If I buy a 2014 headset and write software for it, what are the chances the same software will work for the 2016 headset when the API for that version comes out?



The LibMuse API for connecting and receiving data will be the same for both Muse 2014 and Muse 2016. You can check it out in the Libmuse Windows SDK Beta described in this post

The Muse class provides a common interface for both types of headbands. The only time you should need to distinguish which type of headband you are connected to is if you want to change the “preset” configuration or provide different pairing instructions. If you need the type of headband, it can be obtained from the MuseConfiguration class, available from the Muse class after the headband is connected. The type can also be inferred before connecting by using the isLowEnergy() function of Muse, Muse 2016 is low energy while Muse 2014 is not.

Looking forward to seeing what you develop.



I am interested in the same thing. How did this project turn out?