Will the SDK support Muse 2 and all its new sensors?


Just saw the announcement, and this question is the only thing stopping me from buying it now. It’d be great to have access to all this data in one package.

Side-question: will the new app use the muse 2016’s sensors for body tracking (since it also has accel and gyro sensors)?


Same questions here. The current SDK has not been updated since March.


Hey there,
At the moment the SDK will not work with the new headband.


@Daniel_Sadavoy Here is my suggestion:

  • Update com.choosemuse.libmuse.MuseModel Enum to be: MU_2014 - Muse 2014, MU_2016 - Muse 2016, and MU_2018 (or 2019) - Muse 2. Then it’s totally clear which one you’re dealing with. Also while you’re at it, add SLF_2017 for the Smith Lowdown Focus glasses if these are ever going to be supported(?).

If there are extra EEG sensors, then:

I assume the Heart rate and Breath sensors are both going to output a single figure at around 10Hz? If so then bundle them together and create a structure where you can add more in the future for Muse v3:

  • Add HEALTH to the com.choosemuse.libmuse.MuseDataPacketType Enum
  • Create an ENUM for com.choosemuse.libmuse.Health with HEART_RATE and BREATH
  • Create a com.choosemuse.libmuse.MuseDataPacket.getHealthValue(health h) function to pull the values.


@Daniel_Sadavoy can we have an ETA on the next SDK update supporting Muse-2? I assume this is scheduled to be released before people receive their Muse-2 devices?


Would be very interested in this as well. I would love to use the Muse 2 for meditation however I am also very interested in using Muse Developers Windows Tools for research. Will these be updated for the Muse 2?


I had to return the Muse 2016 because the device did not connect with the Bluetooth on my Mac or Windows. Please make sure Muse 2 Bluetooth works with Mac for the MAC SDK.


It should have already been out if they are selling Muse 2. Muse Developer Ecosystem really sucks as they seem to not care about it.


Hey there Enigma644, thanks for the suggestions!
Unfortunately we do not have ETA on Muse-2 support in the SDK. I am hoping to send out a communication this week or next to our developer mailing list.


Thanks for the update. Glad to know that it’ll probably happen, very excited.


If I may ask, as I think I might have confused myself a little: the SDK is not available for the Muse 2, but what about the Windows Tools? Are they the same thing?


Hey Nick,
Not exactly. The SDK is a set of code libraries you can use for building apps. We have an SDK for Android, iOS, Windows, and Unity.
Our “tools” (including our Windows Tools) are a set of little applications you can use to play with your muse data.


Great, thanks for clarifying, wasn’t sure about the difference :slight_smile:


Just saw the announcement, and this question is the only thing stopping me from buying it now. It’d be great to have access to all this data in one package.


same for me!.. really want new version, but also need SDK functions… at least, for same data as in the old one…


@Daniel_Sadavoy it’s been two weeks… any update?


Hey Enigma644, no update at this time. The immediate status is NO support for Muse2 in the SDK. That will probably change in the new year.

Muse 2 raw data in real time

Muse Direct does support Muse 2, so you can visualize, record, and stream all of the new sensor data using that tool. It is available in the app store:


Hi, thanks for sharing this - it’s good to know Muse Direct is compatible with the Muse 2. Clicking on the link takes me to the Apple Store. I’ve searched on Google Play Store and can’t seem to find Muse Direct. Is there the same app available on Android? If not, will it be available in the future? Thank you :slight_smile:

EDIT: Nevermind, just found out it’s also available on Win10 which is great!


I am developing biofeedback mobile meditation and gaming apps.
Using VR in the app and would like to incorporate the latest Muse 2 biofeedback.

Please update SDK for Muse 2 so that we spread the love.