Will the SDK support Muse 2 and all its new sensors?


Hey Nick,
Not exactly. The SDK is a set of code libraries you can use for building apps. We have an SDK for Android, iOS, Windows, and Unity.
Our “tools” (including our Windows Tools) are a set of little applications you can use to play with your muse data.


Great, thanks for clarifying, wasn’t sure about the difference :slight_smile:


Just saw the announcement, and this question is the only thing stopping me from buying it now. It’d be great to have access to all this data in one package.


same for me!.. really want new version, but also need SDK functions… at least, for same data as in the old one…


@Daniel_Sadavoy it’s been two weeks… any update?


Hey Enigma644, no update at this time. The immediate status is NO support for Muse2 in the SDK. That will probably change in the new year.

Muse 2 raw data in real time

Muse Direct does support Muse 2, so you can visualize, record, and stream all of the new sensor data using that tool. It is available in the app store:


Hi, thanks for sharing this - it’s good to know Muse Direct is compatible with the Muse 2. Clicking on the link takes me to the Apple Store. I’ve searched on Google Play Store and can’t seem to find Muse Direct. Is there the same app available on Android? If not, will it be available in the future? Thank you :slight_smile:

EDIT: Nevermind, just found out it’s also available on Win10 which is great!


I am developing biofeedback mobile meditation and gaming apps.
Using VR in the app and would like to incorporate the latest Muse 2 biofeedback.

Please update SDK for Muse 2 so that we spread the love.



Yes, @Daniel_Sadavoy @paulb - please update the SDK soon…
We have some clients who will be less than thrilled if we can’t support Muse 2 soon! Can you give us an indication?

For all you others, I’ve just tested: you can indeed stream data from the Muse 2 to any OSC UDP port using an iOS device (not the Windows Store version, that doesn’t work with the Muse 2, last update was early 2017). Contrary to what the app lists, this does include the raw PPG signal (no derived heartrate and breath rate but you can filter for those). It’s less than ideal but at least we can test the signals while waiting for the SDK update.



Above it was mentioned that all channels from Muse 2 can be recorded with Muse direct. The recording itself is working fine and the PPG measures are shown. However when exported from Muse cloud the data seems to only contain the EEG-data (I’ve tried exporting in .csv and .fif). So is it possible to have the raw data from PPG-measures at the moment or is the problem in my end? Sorry, you might have responded to this already but maybe not clearly enough :slight_smile:



Muse Direct does not work for me with Muse 2 and Windows. The Muse 1 works fine. Like with the SDK, the problem is in the bluetooth connecting.


I’m also waiting for the SDK for Muse 2 to be released, quite disappointing that it’s not yet available




I am working on a science fair project involving the muse 2 and I really need to be able to access the heart rate, breath, and eeg data from my own app. I want to then probably put this data into csv files to analyze it and to see if someone has sleep apena. How could I get the data from the muse 2? It seems to be possible from an app as indicated by muse direct but since the SDK is not updated I am not sure.



Ugh. Guess I’ll return my Muse 2 when it shows up tomorrow – wish I’d seen this thread before I ordered.

Guys, please consider maintaining a CocoaPod for your SDK so that future developers can focus on … developing (vs. configuration).


+1 for the SDK or Linux tools for Muse 2. Also willing to make a pull request if there is an open source driver anywhere.


The Muse 2 looks amazing! We were ready to purchase several Muse 2 devices for our business, until we saw that it was not compatible with WIndows 10 and Muse Direct or Muse Monitor. I also saw the bluetooth recommendation, but am seeing the difficulties there as well. At this point, since there is no SDK for the Muse 2, we may need to consider other options/vendors. I see from the beginning of this thread that it has already been several months since the launch of Muse 2. I really hope that the SDK is going to released soon! Unfortunately we won’t be able to purchase the Muse 2 unless this happens.


It really is amazing, even from a meditation perspective. The biometrics would be fantastic to see in real-time. I already have a Muse 2, but my purchase came before the confirmation that it isn’t compatible with Windows 10. It was posted that the Muse 2 WILL be compatible with Muse Direct, but the platform was never specified - I was under the assumption that just like the Muse 1, it will be Windows compatible.

I know the SDK is coming, so at least it will work with Muse Monitor. I’m not very tech-savvy, so I’m not really sure why the Muse 2 has Bluetooth issues with Muse Direct on Windows 10, but not on iOS. I don’t know if this can be fixed or not, but I really hope it is, otherwise half the reason I bought my Muse 2 will be for nothing.


I just bought the new headset hot knowing. It is very poor customer service. To start selling the product without getting the software inline. But it’s nothing new, they did the same thing when they upgraded to the new style of app a few years ago. They left half the customers unable to connect to app. Seems like they only care about getting the money in and customers come last.


Hi Team Muse and @Daniel_Sadavoy would be great to get a timeline for the Android SDK update for Muse 2 headband. The big strength of the Muse community is the Open Source spirit and the growth of awareness to brain activity. Is the SDK notification list or GitHub Repo to watch? Thank you for your efforts.