Will the SDK support Muse 2 and all its new sensors?


I just bought the new headset hot knowing. It is very poor customer service. To start selling the product without getting the software inline. But it’s nothing new, they did the same thing when they upgraded to the new style of app a few years ago. They left half the customers unable to connect to app. Seems like they only care about getting the money in and customers come last.


Hi Team Muse and @Daniel_Sadavoy would be great to get a timeline for the Android SDK update for Muse 2 headband. The big strength of the Muse community is the Open Source spirit and the growth of awareness to brain activity. Is the SDK notification list or GitHub Repo to watch? Thank you for your efforts.


Hello,I would like you to update the tools. I want to send heart rate values via OSC.


I bought the Muse 2 because of the false advertisement on the homepage about the SDK and Open Source development. Their own app is terrible. It doesn’t even work right. Pretty sure it was built with a hybrid in-app browser to load a site. The Breath and Posture features don’t even download or work for me. At least let us developers build stuff for it.


Is there any plan to release the SDK for the Muse2 soon in 2019?
I just bought one for research porpuses. But now I just realized it is not possible to read the data in a custom app.


Bumping for visibility


Please, release the SDK for the Muse2!


Please release the SDK for Muse 2. Everyone is waiting for it !

You are losing momentum on developments and losing opportunities vs EEG devices from competition.

Your short futur is Muse 2, so make this SDK ready as fast as possible please !


Hey there, I want to buy a personal EEG for meditation and saw some Apps in
GooglePlay like Muse Monitor, which looks fantastic. I would buy the newer Muse 2 but then I saw, you didn’t release the SDK for the newer Muse yet.

As soon as you release the new SDK, you’ll have one more customer. :slight_smile:


Adding my request for Muse 2 SDK.


#metoo on request for Muse 2 SDK!


I’m very interested in the meditiation part of the Muse 2, but i’m also a dev. I want an API/SDK with live data to see what can be done with it. I’ll get one as soon as the SDK is ready!!

i assume the old (and new) SDK provides live streaming data?



I seem to be getting EEG and band data alright using the Muse 2 with the latest SDK, though I can’t find any detailed specifications about what sample rates to expect with Muse 2.


@slmille4 Did you have to use Muse Direct or OSC for connecting with Muse 2 using the SDK?


@Daniel_Sadavoy as we are now well in to the new year and it’s been a few months since the Muse-2 release, can you please give us an ETA?


No, just the standard listeners, but from what I understand it’s iPhone-only for some reason.


I really need the SDK for Muse 2… I think If Intraxon release temporary library like v6.0.4 with patches for Muse 2 then I can use some basic sensor functions at least (even the sample Android app won’t work because of the current SDK). Anyways I hope it will be available soon🙏


I’m try to use Muse Direct but, even if I use different pcs, I always receive the same message: “Connessione non riuscita” (Connection failed).

If it’s not possible to have an official application that allows me access to raw data on brainwaves, then please, release the sdk!!!

I am a psychotherapist and I bought Muse 2 for clinical and research purposes. At present, however, I can make a very limited use of it.


I’m waiting a sdk for the muse 2 too. Any news ?


Which OS?