Windows 7 PC


I’ve downloaded the Muse SDK from the website. When I select the “launch Muse SDK”, Windows opens a “missing shortcut” popup saying it is searching for museskd.exe laucher.
Where is the .exe file and why won’t it open?
I’d like to begin using my headband. Today would be good.


I guess that is a bug where the installer is creating an extraneous shortcut. There should be another folder “Muse” which contains shortcuts to muse-io and muse-lab. Start muse-io after you have paired your headset and then start muse-lab to see the signals coming out.


I don’t have compatibility with mobile devices so I’m interested only in a desktop application. I have only one file, a “Muse” file, from the downloaded SDK, no muse-lab, no io


Was installation process completed successfully? If so, you should have a folder like C:\Program Files (x86)\Muse with whole bunch of files.
Muse IO is a command line application, so to work with it, open command line and type: muse-io --some-option (ex: muse-io --help).
To work with MuseLab, go to your installdir (ex: C:\Program Files (x86)\Muse) and launch MuseLab.exe.

Shortcut issue in Windows Start Menu will be resolved in next release. Thank you.


SDK for new Muse devices is available only for Windows 10, are there ways to get data from Muse with Windows 7?