Windows App : display MuseMonitor CSV and live-stream


Since Muse-IO does not work on my Muse-II (2016) I made some software to convert and display the CSV file coming from MuseMonitor, as well as the ‘direct live stream’. (a bit like MuseLab). The software works on Windows-7-10 and is written in (old fashioned) Vbasic and made into an EXE, so no programming is needed.
You can download the App from or have a look at the demo-video at (Youtube: “Muse EEG Software”)


Downloaded it with no problems. I have reviewed a 30 minute session graph on it… but it’s too fast loading and the playback is too slow to get an overall picture of the graph. Any suggestions?


Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your feedback.
I made some changes today which may help. One of them: At the end of each screen the display stops and if you click “continue” the next screen appears. In this way you can forward and stop pretty fast if yo don’t choose the ‘slow playback’ modus.
Download the new engine from

As to the overall picture, I was thinking of calculating an avarage of delta-gamma values pro minute and display them at the end of the session. Then it fits on one screen. If it’s ready I let you know.