Wired mode with usb


Hi all,

I want to know if it is possible to use the muse device in wired mode using usb plugged to computer instead of using bluetooth.
And also is it possible then to disable bluetooth ?
Thanks for your attention.




It Would be great but i think it´s impossible so far. I Would be Really interested too by this fonctionality because i am a little scary about long Time effets of Bluetooth on the brain…

Sorry for my english, i am french!


Hi Bakerset,

I am also french :wink:
To have an alternative to bluetooth will be a very good argument for the muse as people from meditation field know that the human body is more sensible to external perturbation in relaxation mode.
I just have seen that the emotiv insight works in both mode, wireless with bluetooth and wired with usb (disabling bluetooth).

We need an answer from the developers, since there is the possibility to change the firmware, for example installing a ‘research’ firmware, so I hope it is not completly impossible.


I believe the problem with a direct usb connection is the possibility of electrical shock in the event of a failure in the computer. Far fetched but possible and I know Canada has laws to that effect so I’m pretty sure we will never see such a connection.


You are right about this point which is very important.
Still there are few possibilities to have isolated usb (opto coupled) without cost (but only for low speed usb, for high speed USB2 as needed for high end hifi DAC it is another problem).