Wish List - App (Android, iOS, Win)

  1. Option to have no soundscape.
  2. Ability to export session data.

In fact, I’m writing a simple app that sets a timer and saves all of the Muse data, since I don’t care too much for feedback on how my session is doing.


I have exactly scenario #2. It would be nice either to setup a custom threshold, or to have more discretion.


The MuseMonitor app for iOS shows various real-time graphics of brain waves while you are using the headband. It indicates alpha, beta, theta, delta and gamma brain waves. The problem is that it does not give any audio feedback! You need to keep your eyes at least a little open to see what the graphics are doing.

An ideal app would show real-time brain wave graphics as well as give audio feedback for each type of wave. You would be able to turn off/on any wave in the settings. Tone - or maybe timbre? - would indicate wave type. Volume of each wave would indicate amplitude.

It would also be good to be able to switch between raw brain-wave graphics and a more user-friendly graphic indicating levels such as deep-calm, calm, sleepy, neutral, in-the-flow, active, etc.

Personally I’d rather have graphics based on brain-waves, with maybe some advice on what the different waves mean for state of consciousness, as well as what specific combinations of waves would indicate. Calm, Neutral and Active is just not enough feedback for me. I want to know what’s going on at a deeper level of understanding of brain function.


I have also that problem… i try to meditate during calibration state… so that will lower the neutral state baseline and it will be more difficult to go in calm state



got this two sessions but in first i was trying to be neutral during calibration… and at second i was trying to meditate during calibration…

looks like that calm point doesnt contain any usefull information! because i can easy go to 90% or 50%.

we need to have absolute values of brain activity. please add absolute values to scale.


Giving up meditation after Muse

Would it help if the app had the ability to have an extended calibration mode - where we can wear the headband while doing regular chores/work - that we can save to use for our Muse sessions?

And we could use that as a baseline for awhile and after (if) we notice improvement outside of meditation (stress levels, etc.) then we can recalibrate again.

(I’m not a scientist or a dr.)


My most wanted features:

  • Data export
  • Ability to add notes about a session
  • Web console for viewing and downloading my history, deeper exploration of graphs, visualization of discrete channels, etc
  • Night mode, or at least change the session finished screen so it’s not so bright–in a dark room, that screen really blasts me in the face sometimes, even with eyes closed. Makes for an unpleasant end to the calm state. I know I could turn the phone over, but it’s nice to have it screen up at the beginning of calibration mode, just so you can glance and make sure all the sensors are getting a proper signal.
  • Analytics across sessions, e.g. comparing morning calmness with evening, trends over time, etc.
  • Some sort of pre-calibration screen that would just provide feedback as to whether the band is properly placed and getting good signals. I usually start with Muse Monitor, just so I can easily see that I’m getting a good signal and to check battery life, and then I quit and open the Muse app.


Would be amazing to get some cool integrations going with apps like:

Daylio - Mood / Activity monitor (really cool app that has trend data)
Fitbit - Because ya’ know, all the health

Some great features that would be cool (that I don’t see listed already)

Guided Meditations - These are guided practice with instruction for the entirety of the meditation. There are a lot of people in the forum that are having a difficult time with the feedback options, and might benefit from more of a guided practice, until they can learn the basics of breath, mindfulness, awareness and “letting go”.

Binaural Beats - Would be cool to do a session while using/partnering with these guys: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/brainwave-35-binaural-series/id307219387?mt=8 to see improvement (or not) in mental state.

Brain Games - Thinking “games” to play and measure activity / stress on brain. With that data, then triggers flow of games to strengthen brain? Is this crazy?

Best (Personal) Practices - AI that learns the user feedback loop and which sounds/etc are responded to by user to get to calm state. AI to solve all the meditation problems.


Haven’t tried the binaural app you mentioned, but this one works fine in the background while using the Muse app:


The ability to record your own guide script. I would like to include some auto suggestions like you do in a hypnotic state. I see lots of similarity to using “meditation” and “self hypnosis”.
Correct me of I am wrong about the correlation between meditation and self hypnosis.


The Muse is sensitive to muscular movements. It seems to pick them up and interpret them as brain waves. I wouldn’t do any calibration or Musing unless I’m sitting down and pretty much motionless.


I think there is undoubtedly some overlap between self-hypnosis and meditation, broadly defined. But when you get into specific practices, such as mindfulness (sati) and meditative concentration (samadhi) and absorption (jhana), meditation is not self-hypnosis.


Can you use the Muse app while also playing binaural beats on the same device, such as an iPhone? IME, they would interfere with each other. One or the other.


It works for me. iPhone 6s, iOS 11.2.2. Try it and see!

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    really need this option


No, it doesn’t work. Muse app goes into pause mode if I switch over to listen to a track on the iPhone 6s Plus Music app, iOS 11.3.1. If I listen to a track, the Muse app pauses. If the Muse app is running, I can’t listen to a track. I tried it and saw that it does NOT work. How are you making it work?


If you find out how to listen to a track and run Muse app at the same time, let me know.


Well, I went back and downloaded the Binaural Beats app you were talking about. Yes, that specific app does work with Muse app running. But I’d like to run other tracks, like the ones from iAwake, while running Muse app on my iPhone. Sound tracks won’t work with the standard iPhone Music app while I’m running Muse app.


Yep. My “try it and see” was in reply to someone about the Binaural Beats app. That’s the only app I know which can play audio in the background while using the Muse app. But I haven’t looked too hard.

Might be easiest to just play audio from a separate device.