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The Muse is sensitive to muscular movements. It seems to pick them up and interpret them as brain waves. I wouldn’t do any calibration or Musing unless I’m sitting down and pretty much motionless.


I think there is undoubtedly some overlap between self-hypnosis and meditation, broadly defined. But when you get into specific practices, such as mindfulness (sati) and meditative concentration (samadhi) and absorption (jhana), meditation is not self-hypnosis.


Can you use the Muse app while also playing binaural beats on the same device, such as an iPhone? IME, they would interfere with each other. One or the other.


It works for me. iPhone 6s, iOS 11.2.2. Try it and see!

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    really need this option


No, it doesn’t work. Muse app goes into pause mode if I switch over to listen to a track on the iPhone 6s Plus Music app, iOS 11.3.1. If I listen to a track, the Muse app pauses. If the Muse app is running, I can’t listen to a track. I tried it and saw that it does NOT work. How are you making it work?


If you find out how to listen to a track and run Muse app at the same time, let me know.


Well, I went back and downloaded the Binaural Beats app you were talking about. Yes, that specific app does work with Muse app running. But I’d like to run other tracks, like the ones from iAwake, while running Muse app on my iPhone. Sound tracks won’t work with the standard iPhone Music app while I’m running Muse app.


Yep. My “try it and see” was in reply to someone about the Binaural Beats app. That’s the only app I know which can play audio in the background while using the Muse app. But I haven’t looked too hard.

Might be easiest to just play audio from a separate device.


Yes, I can verify that Binaural Beats and Muse app can be used at the same time. I can hear the Binaural Beats track and the feedback sounds from the Muse app simultaneously. The standard Music app for the iPhone will not let you do this. Definitely not. Too bad, because I’d like to be able to listen to iAwake tracks while using the Muse app, and hear them both. Maybe there is a player app for iOS that will let you do this, but I don’t know about it.

For now, I play iAwake tracks on my Android tablet, listening to them with earbuds, while wearing the Muse headband and Muse app runing on my iPhone sitting nearby. I don’t know any other way to do it. But it is a bother to get all that set up.