Working on CSV data from MuseLab


Hi everyone,

I already posted something about Muse data last week. I know that .csv from MuseLab isn’t the same than .csv from MuseMonitor (or EEG101). The one from MuseMonitor (or EEG101) are already in column and its better to work on it.
But for my research I need to get the data on the computer directly. So yesterday I try to sort by my self the different data in column on Excel.
From that:

I get that (just a part of the file):

Now I’m trying to get a graph from the different data type to observe changes in time. But for most of the data, there are 4 values at the same time (linked to the 4 sensors TP9, AF7, AF8, TP10).
What I want to know is: Would it be relevant to make an average of the 4 values to only get 1 at each period of time ?

Thank you very much for your answer