Would love to have an option to turn off the water and bird sounds


I’ve had the Muse headband for about a week. Was very skeptical but am enjoying it very much and am impressed with how accurate it seems to be.

I would like to suggest adding an option to turn off the water and birds and just have the wind sounds come up when thinking. I don’t do the breath counting but rather my usual Vipassana/mindfulness meditation and the Muse works well with this but I would prefer silence and just have the soft wind pick up when I start to follow my thoughts.


Hi Hellohello,

I’ve taken note of your request, thank you for your feedback. We’re currently working on several new features for user experience and I’ll be sure to make the team aware of yours. We’re excited to help improve our users experiences and I’m glad to hear that you’ve been enjoying it so far.


Maybe the android version doesn’t have this, but on the iOS app you can go to Settings -> Configure System Options -> Sounds, and then turn Environment Sound to 0. I did this for the same reason as you and it’s great!


Another nice feature would be to add the possibility of selecting a playlist/soundtrack. While this would not provide any feedback, it would help gauging calmness in different context. Also having the option for longer sessions (30mn, 40mn, 60mn) would be great!


I would like to suggest adding an option to turn off the water and wind sounds and just have the birds.


I’d also like the ability to check/uncheck wind/water/birds. After having used Calm for several months, I find that the birds are more distracting than helpful, especially when they flutter away. I also find the wind feedback intrusive – if I happen to move my eyes even just slightly, it generates a huge blast of wind that is distracting.

I’m finding the water to be the best feedback these days – it’s subtle, calming, and gently reminds me when my mind is straying. I think the key may be to provide feedback that doesn’t trigger too much of an error negativity signal.

Would also be nice if Calm ignored occasional jaw clenches due to swallowing (or make that customizable).


I’ve done more than 500 sessions, and those fluttering/flapping wing sounds always result in a loss of concentration (i.e., increased wind noise). This reaction is entirely involuntary, and it happens within milliseconds of one of those sounds being triggered.

The chirping sounds were distracting at first (“Hey, I’m making progress!” and then the wind comes roaring back :eek:) but that stopped after a few days. But those flapping wings…even when they’re barely audible, it happens every single time.

It’s exasperating.


When I turn environmental sounds to zero on he settings, everything turns off except the beach scene, which I’m not even supposed to look at (closed eyes keeps the clouds away). So there does not seem to be any option to just hear wind, or just hear water, and nothing else - for environmental sounds it seems that it is all or nothing!


there is so much truth in this thread! And I’ve done a lot of sessions within the past two months getting muse!


I would also love to have a way of decreasing the volume or turning off completely the environmental sounds other than the wind. The water sounds are distracting and not helpful–I’d very much prefer silence. Recently, I’ve just been doing my practice without sounds–I get better results without the distracting waves, but I miss the realtime NFB,