EEG 4 channel reading in .csv file



You can use pins on the USB connector as an extra plug in EEG sensor.
See this post for details: Step-by-step Tutorial for Making Muse Auxilliary Channel Electrode


Is anyone selling these? Apparently Myndlift makes them, but only sells to people who sign up for their full package.


Ok, so does that means that out of the five sensors in front portion of the band, the middle one is not active? Because when I was using muse 2, I was getting 5 readings in the muselab software via OSC stream. but in the muse monitor app I was gettting on 4 signals? Can you tell why was there a difference?


No, from the 5 gold pads, only two are giving you sensor readings. Think of the others as the other end of the electrical connection. Like with a battery connected to a light bulb you have a positive and a negative wire but only one light.

The sensors are: Left Ear, Front Left Forehead, Front Right Forehead, Right Ear, Right AUX.

You can turn on AUX in Muse Monitor advanced settings (right at the bottom), but only turn it on if you actually have an Aux cable attached, otherwise you’re just looking at static.


oh! So basically the middle three are reference electrodes. The left most and the right most are the ones which are giving me reading. Have I got it right?

So out of eeg0,eeg1,eeg2,eeg3,eeg4 I have to only consider eeg0,eeg1,eeg2,eeg3 right?
These will be the reading for Left Ear, Front Left Forehead, Front Right Forehead, Right Ear.

I am asking this because in muselab software, via OSC stream I was getting 5 sets of stream (eeg0,eeg1,eeg2,eeg3,eeg4) which out of these should I take to feed in my machine learning model?

Please help me out as I still not clear which of the signals are valid and whether there are 4 or 5 signals.

In CSV.jpg as you can see in the raw signals, I am getting 5 reading including AUX, but I haven’t connected any external input. Which of these should I consider then for feeding into my model?



EEG0 - TP9
EEG1 - AF7
EEG2 - AF8
EEG3 - TP10
EEG4 - Right Aux (even if not connected)




Do you know if you can download the data in any other format except from an excel file?
I am trying to find a way to insert the EEG in an another software in order to visualize them in a creative way.

Thank you!


In Muse Monitor’s settings you can toggle between .CSV and .Muse which is a Google Protocol Buffer file formatted to Interaxon’s spec.