Muse versus Emwave device


I don’t agree in the least with you two. I find after only a few days that I am calmer after I have sat down and played my guitar in the evening than when I get up in the morning and am well rested. Maybe it’s because I’m thinking too much of the day ahead
At any rate I am showing improvement every day. Up to 70% calm tonight and I felt zoned out too. I don’t see how measuring heart rate can be a good measure of brain activity which is what the Muse monitors. From what I have read the Email isn’t all that accurate.


Sometime people over think this stuff. I get my best results when I’ve been doing something I enjoy.


It depends what you are monitoring and why you are monitoring it. Muse claims to help with meditation by monitoring brainwaves.

This sounds admirable, but their secret algorithm (why is it a secret?) seems to bear no resemblance to anything. It just appears to be random. For example, put on your Muse and walk around the room. Then sit still for five minutes. Then stand on your head for a minute. Then jog on the spot. Then watch a horror movie. Then watch a Disney film. Whilst you are doing this don’t listen, just let it monitor you.

At the end of this process you will be amazed that you had birds tweeting whilst you were stood on your head and watching a horror movie and nothing whilst relaxing or watching a Disney film. Maybe it will vary for you - it varies for everyone - but the pattern I’ve found is that there is no pattern. So you can have a good session with no tweets and a shockingly bad session with constant tweeting.

The cool thing about HRV is that it is totally measurable and it is NOT a secret. There are no secret algorithms, just hard core researcher from many prestigious organisations that clearly recognize the connection between HRV and relaxation and meditative states. In my experience, the HRV devices I have used seem way more accurate than the Muse device.

I so wanted the Muse device to work well for me, but alas, it is just too flakey.

I think it has huge potential, but the current software is not up to the job and Muse don’t seem to be in the slightest bit interested in improving it, which is such a shame, and isn’t fair on the people who invested in it.


I own a Muse and stopped using it because I could easily fool its and as people have found it is a scam as it does not really help with meditation. The reason is this:

All it monitors is the state at which you started the meditation and then works out a relative position of what it things calm looks like.That is why teh results vary all over the place and the birds chirping means nothing because everything is just reflective.

Waste of money and then should pull the product, in any other country they would be had up for false advertising.


regardless the product used diaphragm breathing is powerful and will calm most people down
I’ve done Wim Hof style with a breath hold at the end of 60-80 deep breaths
the trick is to hold your breath at the end and follow with a strong 1st inhalation
by the 2nd or 3rd session you will enter another state and will either hear a hiss, lose sense of hearing (complete quiet) during that final inhalation after holding the breath - great stuff and scientifically proven to be healthy


Start monitoring your carbs, it makes a HUGE difference. I even fast sometimes for the best result. Breathe is also HUGE. With the hyperventilation, there is now a reference/anchor point. Start experimenting with slowing down the breathe. Mantra has also allowed me to nail it, my favorite lately is saying the word “gum”. Say it silently in your head, repeatedly. Another thing to try, say vowel sounds silently in your head, experiment. The sound of “u” is my favorite, I’ll silently sing tunes in my head with it, to drive in the alpha wave hard.

I know I’m meditating strongly from a very tight sensation which forms in the center above my eye brows. Going deeper the sensation will spread into something which feels like a tight ring, passing thru the previously centered brow sensation. During long sessions, the ring sensation turns into something which feels like a tight helmet. When measuring my brain waves, alpha is highly dominant.

I’m sure everyone experiences this differently, just sharing mine.

My first 4-6 months felt like trying to push a cat into the toilet, incredibly frustrating. All I can say is, stick with it!

This life journey, I’m starting to feel like a kid again. I remember watching my boy looking at his hand and moving it around right after birth, he had this “wow, dude, this radical” look on his face. As a 48 year old, I’m starting to have the same feeling, amazing journey we’re on.

1.69 x 10^6 muse points



FYI, It’s taken me roughly a year to get consistency in hitting > 90% calm.

Another tip, think of calibration as putting weights on a bench press. During calibration, the calmer one begins, the more “weight” muse will throw on the bar for the session.

To cheat, one simply keeps her eyes open and thinks of a volcano violently erupting. Birds will be everywhere while your mind is wandering. For an incredibly stressed person, like myself a year ago, this makes for a rough/confusing start. But by sticking with it, over time, the muse will nudge one in the right direction. It meets a new user where she/he is currently at. Nowadays, when I start a session, I’ll already be meditating during calibration. If any micron/fraction of a thought makes me wander, muse will catch it instantly, due to the very “calm” set point I hit during calibration.

I’ve now bought a Muse 2, feels like Christmas all over again. I’ll circle back in a few months.